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Social Butterfly

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One day ....

Chit ChatPosted by Elizabeth Mills Thu, June 20, 2013 13:03:47
I should be writing, but instead I'm sitting here, idly thinking 'What do I want to be when I grow up?'

Air Hostess? - Nah! I've flown enough to know that it's not glamorous, not exciting, and you have to deal with some really ... challenging ... people. Ok, so you get to travel, but how much do you actually see?

Holiday Rep? - I've chatted with reps while on holiday. I chat with everyone; my friends say I'm a tart, but I'm only being sociable ... mostly. I can't deny that the thought of being paid to live in, say, Gran Canaria is very appealing. But suppose I got Argentina instead?

Musician? - Now you know I love music, and I love performing. But ... doing it for a living? Every day? Hmmmmm......

Anyway, who says I have any plans to grow up? I like my life as it is now, mostly. And if, one day, people should happen to discover my books and make me a famous international author, well, that would make me very happy.

So I guess I'll just keep doing what I do, being who I am, pushing at doors, asking questions, meeting lovely people. Isn't that what life is all about?

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