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Opening up

A Song For JoeyPosted by Elizabeth Mills Mon, November 25, 2013 22:12:15
'A Song For Joey' grew organically as I wrote it. So, when sex happened, as it does, I let it flow, as part of the growth of my characters. But that created a duality, a conflict, between the heart of the story - which was the development of popular music told in the life of one young woman - and the readership who would most enjoy it - teens and young adults. Because of the explicit sexual scenes, I had to declare that the book 'includes adult content' and thus disenfranchise my target readership.

After a lot of thought I have carefully removed some of the coarser, more explicit sexual content, while trying to still retain enough reality to the love between my characters. My intention is to open up the book, and I hope I have achieved that balance. It is still quite raunchy in places, but just a tiny bit less graphic.

As a result, I have been able to classify 'A Song For Joey' as Teen/Young Adult, and hope to find a new audience.

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Setting the Literary World Alight

A Song For JoeyPosted by Elizabeth Mills Sat, July 28, 2012 12:27:35

Setting the Literary World Alight ... or not, as the case may be

How do unknown authors get themselves noticed?

I've tried taking off all my clothes and standing outside the local library. Apart from several pidgeons, no-one took any notice, and I had to wait two weeks for a man from the council to come and wash off the poo.

Someone suggested putting an advert in Facebook. I tried that, too. Lots of clicks, no sales, and my friends list has dropped below a thousand.

Book signings, that could be an idea. But bookshops are only interested if they can sell your book, and they don't buy off Amazon.

So, I watch my sales figures creep slowly towards double figures, and hope that one of them is someone who has the power to launch me into stardom.

Not holding my breath.

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